National No Pulling Week

September 19th, 2012

I don’t normally promote the work of my professional clients on this blog but I’m going to make an exception today because I believe it’s a good cause. Working with Lucinda Ellery I’ve read a lot of very moving stories about women who’ve lost their hair for a variety of reasons, whether it be through illness, the effects of chemotherapy or a variety of other causes. While most of us men have to learn to live with hair loss, for a woman it’s much harder, because it strikes at their basic identity as a woman, and it can blight their lives.

The most difficult hair issue to understand is Trichotillomania – pulling out your own hair. Often triggered by trauma, it has similarities to OCD and self-harming conditions. The women who suffer from it are often misunderstood and treated with little sympathy by the medical profession simply because so little is known about the condition and its causes. They often hide the problem from their families and loved ones and feel dreadfully guilty and depressed about it, yet are unable to stop doing it without help.

In a attempt to raise awareness Lucinda has come up with National No Pulling Week (Twitter hashtag #NoPullingWeek) and is working with a number of magazines and media organisations to increase the visibility of the issue and encourage sufferers who feel isolated to seek help. Today is the second day and there have so far been articles in the following places.

If you think that a loved one may have Trichotillomania, or if you have it yourself, then read some of these articles, visit Lucinda’s pages on the subject, or visit one of the charities such as and find out all you can so that you can get help for the person suffering from it.

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