Energy saving lightbulbs

April 3rd, 2011

Is it just me or does anyone else think that energy saving light bulbs are a scam?

Firstly there’s the equivalent ratings which are hopelessly optimistic and lead to you buying a second bulb cos the first one has all the brightness of a crusie lamp running out of oil. Then there’s the fact that they seem to be somewhat fragile – the first one I ever bought cracked when I turned it on.

But most damningly the advertised long life that is supposed to save us money and energy is just complete bollocks due to them getting dimmer and dimmer throughout their lives to the point of being unusable. One I put in a table lamp wore out in under 18 months and its replacement is getting noticeably dull after just 5 months.

I reckon we’ve been had. Kinda like carbon offsetting.

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