Family Moves – and new visions

March 17th, 2013

It’s been a rather busy week – the culmination of a busy few months. After two days in Carlisle tidying up the loose ends of my aunt Jean’s estate, we got back in time to send dad up to the hospital to have his cataract operation which we hope will restore clear sight in at least one eye and allow him to read and drive again in safety. At the same time he completed his move to Lanark where he’ll be staying from now on, and we cleared the last of his stuff from his old house prior to it being rented out.

His house now looks infinitely more inviting than it did prior to the extensive improvements we’ve been making to it over the last few months. The new kitchen is brighter and far more modern, the lowered ceiling giving it better proportions and the new units producing a much more pleasing effect. White walls and new lighting in a number of the rooms give them a much more spacious feel and the new carpets finish off the effect. I could almost imagine living there – something I could never have considered previously. It must feel strange for dad – leaving after supervising all the improvements to a home he’s lived in for over 25 years, but his new home is very comfortable and I’m certain he’ll be happy there.

The contrast with auntie Jean’s old house was interesting; while a nice enough house, though the rooms are on the small side, it didn’t really feel like a home to me and being empty now didn’t change that feeling. I could never imagine living there and will be glad when it’s sold.

All being well dad’s vision should be good in 4 weeks and stable in 6. He’s already planning his next trip to London for a Normandy Veteran’s council meeting in 5 weeks. If I have half his energy at 89 I’ll be happy. They don’t make them like that anymore!


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